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Butterfly Creek – A great thing to do in Auckland when it is raining

As we all know July school holidays are typically one of the wettest in the year. In the last 7 years at Butterfly Creek there has been on average around 7 rain days in the July school holidays. Chances are it will be raining for 50% of the time! So how do you plan for that?

Top planning tips when it is raining:

  • Choose venues that have both indoor and outdoor spaces ensuring you can duck inside when wet, but we can also explore outside when its dry.
  • Check the weather in the location you are visiting not just your home or all of Auckland. Just because it is raining where you live does not mean it is raining where you want to visit. For Butterfly Creek you are best to search Auckland Airport.
  • Pack a raincoat – even if a venue has good indoor spaces, you may still have to walk between attractions and from the car.
  • Get out and do it anyway – be adventurous and show the kids a bit of rain is ok.

Butterfly Creek has been purposely built to ensure you can visit during any weather!  It is ¾ undercover so a great thing to do in Auckland when its raining.  As well as lots of dry indoor spaces there are two lovely and warm tropical enclosures ensuring you not only stay dry buy warm.

5 best spots to keep dry and warm at  Butterfly Creek these holidays, even when it’s raining:

  • Butterfly House – see over 700 butterflies flutter around and some will even land on you in our heated butterfly house set to a balmy 28 – 30 degrees.
  • Crocodile enclosure – come see Scar and Goldie, NZ’s only saltwater crocodiles, at our 1 pm encounter in their tropical enclosure where it’s nice and toasty.
  • Kiwi Forest – a state of the art nocturnal kiwi house. Wait for your eyes to adjust and see if you can spot our 2 Kiwi in their enclosures.
  • Mythic Creatures – see mythical legends come alive from mermaids, dragons, and unicorns
  • Buttermilk Farm – a lovely petting zoo with a warm dry barnyard, see cute guinea pigs, bunny rabbits or say hello to Charlie the Cockatoo.

Finally head indoors to our café full of yummy treats made fresh daily and warming hot drinks on those cold wintery days. When the sun does come out send the kids outside to the playground so you can relax with a cuppa coffee or tea and relax.  We guarantee rain or shine you will have a great time!

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