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Conservation At Butterfly Creek
Conservation At Butterfly Creek

Initiatives for Positive Change

Butterfly Creek is a wonderful example of a privately owned enterprise leading the way in areas around sustainability and active conservation.
Through a commitment to a range of meaningful initiatives, Butterfly Creek shows that positive change is possible. From championing endangered species conservation programmes to pursuing adaptive re-use and recycle principles along with other measures to minimise our impact on the environment and to maximise sustainability, Butterfly Creek continues to be an exemplar in these areas.

Butterfly Creek invests over $200K annually in NZ species conservation programmes. We don’t rely on funding from your taxes or your rates.


Wētāpunga Conservation

Butterfly Creek established our captive rear and release program for the wētāpunga, or giant wētā, in 2009. This ensured that for the first time ever, this threatened species could be bred in captivity before being released into a select number of suitable habitats.

Protecting a New Zealand Icon

Butterfly Creek is an active participant in the conservation programme for brown kiwi and plays an essential role in nurturing young kiwi birds until they reach adulthood, ready to be reintroduced into their natural habitat.

Butterfly Creek Main Building

Sustainable Construction

Butterfly Creek embraced the principles of recycling and adaptive re-use – “construction with a conscience”. The original design of Butterfly Creek was heavily driven by the desire to incorporate high levels of recycled materials that are now showcased in the buildings.

Butterfly Creek Wetland

A Thriving Wetland

Butterfly Creek’s site development included formation of a working wetland that efficiently manages stormwater. This wetland also serves as a natural habitat for local wildlife, helps mitigate flooding and acts to polish water run-off prior to entering nearby Puhinui Creek.

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy

Currently in the planning stages, and taking advantage of advances in solar power technology, Butterfly Creek is embarking on a significant capital investment to install a comprehensive solar power generation system. With large areas of the facility’s roofs clad in solar panels, the planned initiative will result in a remarkable 60% reduction in power consumption.

Reduce & Recycle

Sustainability is a key driver for the Butterfly Creek café. We take pride in our efforts to minimise waste and utilise recyclable packaging for all our food and beverage offerings.

Butterfly Creek Butterfly House

Power & Energy Efficiency

Our butterfly house requires extensive heating, employing a highly efficient gas radiant heat system and as heating technology advances we are exploring even more sustainable heating alternatives.

Minimising Water Use

Water minimisation is another critical area of focus at Butterfly Creek. The facility has installed a number of large stormwater retention tanks to capture roof runoff, providing over 130,000 litres of non-potable water that can be used for animal exhibits, gardens, ponds, and washdowns.

Planting Programme

When construction commenced in 2001 there was one single tree on the Butterfly Creek site. Since then a comprehensive planting plan has seen many, many thousands of trees and shrubs planted throughout the facility. This programme continues with regular additions.

A Beacon of Sustainable Conservation

Butterfly Creek’s dedication to conservation and sustainability initiatives sets a great example of what can be achieved by privately funded organisations and is an important part of the Butterfly Creek ethos. Through strategic investments in species conservation, recycling and re-purposing materials, and efficient environmental management, Butterfly Creek demonstrates our commitment to building a more sustainable future.

While visitors flock to Butterfly Creek to delight in the animals, marvel at dinosaurs, and enjoy unforgettable experiences with friends and family, they are also contributing to our sustainability journey. As a privately-owned enterprise receiving no government funding or subsidies, Butterfly Creek relies solely on ticket sales to fund these vital sustainability initiatives, and we love having so many of you come and visit and contribute to this journey.

Want to Help?

Help us keep up our conservation work on track by either purchasing an Annual Pass so you can visit whenever you like, or you can donate to the fund which will be used for ongoing animal welfare and conservation.

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