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Explore our range of Tropical Fish

The Butterfly Creek aquarium includes a selection of tropical & fresh-water fish and a marine coral aquaria – both teeming with a variety of fascinating fish.

Spot Nemo the Clownfish (and his dad Marlin) darting in and out of their anemone home, together with Dory and a host of other brilliantly colourful fish species. The 9m long freshwater aquaria hosts a collection of large cichlids, Silver Arowana and other tropical species.


Clown Anemonefish (Amphiprion ocellaris) and its anemone home at Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Queensland, Australia

Discover the Aquarium

Come enjoy a fun and interactive experience in our tropical aquarium! Join our pirates on the deck and take the wheel. Discover a variety of fish species, coral and anemones in our large 10,000 litre freshwater aquarium and a 4000 litre reef aquarium.

Did you know…

  • Fish control their depth in the water by using their swim bladder.
  • Clown fish have a symbiotic relationship with anemone.  This is a relationship where both species benefit – the clown fish gains protection and shelter from the anemone while the providing the anemone with nutrients and scaring off potential predator fish.
  • White Sleeper Goby feed by taking a mouthful of sand and filtering it through their gills.
  • Silver Arowana are excellent jumpers and can leap more than 1.5 metres out of the water.  They are native to the Amazon and in the wild feed on fish, plants, invertebrates, turtles, snakes, rodents and even monkeys.
  • Blue Tangs can adjust the intensity of their colour from light blue to deep purple.
  • Clown Loaches can swim upside down and sleep horizontally.

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