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Meet NZ’s Only Giant Saltwater Crocodiles

In April 2009 our two huge Aussie Saltwater crocodiles were saved and relocated from Australia to their new tropical billabong home at Butterfly Creek. Scar and Goldie were captured as they had become problem crocodiles.

Crocodiles are ambush predators which means that they wait for their food to come to them and they do not need a massive land area in order to be happy. These guys have the life – sunbathing, eating, sleeping and swimming! Keepers feed them small amounts in the encounters, ensuring they ‘work’ for their meals.


Meet Scar and Goldie

Visit Butterfly Creek and catch Scar and Goldie in action with our keepers at our daily crocodile encounter at 1pm when you will see our keepers feed one of our crocs inside their enclosure and share some interesting facts about saltwater crocodiles.

Learn more about crocodiles by downloading our free Cool Crocodile education resources and activity ideas.


Name: Goldie

Length: Approx 4.8m Weight: Approx 600kg

Origin: North Queensland, Australia

Interesting facts: Goldie is named due to the colouration of his scales. He featured in a small film which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. He loves to pretend he is a rock and sink to the bottom of his pool!


Name: Scar

Length: Approx 4.9m Weight: Approx 600kg

Origin: North Queensland, Australia

Interesting facts: He’s named after the snout injury sustained when he broke through a corrugated iron barrier in his previous crocodile farm home to attack his male neighbour. He did not want to share his girlfriend. He hates boats!

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