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Meet Sophia and Raf

Come along and meet our two Cotton Top Tamarin monkeys, Raf and Sophia!

The Cotton-top Tamarin, which was once found in a number of Central American countries, is now found only in the rainforests of North Western Colombia. There are more than 20 species of Tamarin (and their close relatives Marmosets) with much variety in fur and colouration, especially on the head and face.

See them up close at our 12pm daily cotton-top encounter – our keepers will be interacting with them and will also share a few interesting facts about these incredible creatures.

Cotton Top Tamarin encounter – get up close

Come along to our Cotton Top Tamarin encounter at 12pm each day where you will see Sophia and Raf interacting with one of our keepers – to see more information about our Daily encounters click here. If you want a special, up-close experience with our two resident Cotton Tops, check out our private encounter. You will be guided around their enclosure alongside one of our experienced keepers and even get the chance to hand feed them!

Private Cotton Top Tamarin encounter

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$140 per person (includes all day park entry) – receive a discounted rate of $90 per person when you book for 2 or more on the same booking.
Maximum of 2 people per encounter. Enclosed shoes must be worn.
Approx 25 minutes.
10+, if you’re between 10 & 13 years old you’ll need to have someone 16 years or over (booked & paid) with you on the encounter.
10:30am every Wednesday to Sunday (please arrive at our shop 10-15 minutes before your encounter).
Must be booked at least 1 day in advance. Get in touch if you want to book more than one encounter on the same day [email protected]

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