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A Story of Monkey Love

It’s another story of monkey love as Butterfly Creek welcomes our two newest Cotton Top Tamarin monkeys, Raf (aged 7) and Shyla (aged 11).  Housed in a new purpose-built exhibit outside in Kiwi Forest, new couple Raf and Shyla will be setting up home together and hopefully start breeding.  The monkeys were re-homed from Australia as part of an International breeding programme that Butterfly Creek are part of.  Raf and Shyla are a cheeky pair of monkeys and full of monkey antics so come along and see them play.

The Cotton-top Tamarin, which was once found in a number of Central American countries, is now found only in the rainforests of North Western Colombia. There are more than 20 species of Tamarin (and their close relatives Marmosets) with much variety in fur and colouration, especially on the head and face.

NEW – Cotton-top Tamarin encounters are now available, click here to find out more.

Learn about our Cotton Top Tamarins

Find out all about Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys by downloading our useful fact sheet & watching our great new video introducing Raf & Shyla.


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