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Love Reptiles? We have heaps!

If you love reptiles, then you will love visiting Butterfly Creek where you can see a great range of reptiles including the Inland Bearded Dragon, a Blue Tongue Lizard, Leopard Geckos, Water Dragons and Alligators.

Check out our reptile daily encounters where you can get up close and may even see the blue tongue of the Blue Tongue Lizard or our Bearded Dragon puff up his throat.

Reptile Encounters

Experience a reptile encounter, fun friendly and hands on! Children and adults alike will be enthralled as they meet and learn about some amazing reptiles, from the Eastern Blue-tongued Skink to the Bearded Lizard, or the Leopard Gecko.

For full info on our Daily Encounters click here.


“Fantastic. The dinosaurs were super cool. The butterflys were near and the tarantula….big! Food was good, great choices. Lots of different things here, farm animals, rabbits to pat and goats to watch. A very special place.”


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