Dino booking form

    1. Booking Forms must be completed and returned a minimum of two weeks prior to party. 2. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to secure booking dates. Your booking will not be confirmed until the deposit is paid and the booking form is completed. 3. Full payment must be received one week prior to the weekend of the party in order for the party to proceed. 4. Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the party host. 5. Final changes are to be made no later than 4pm on Wednesday prior to the party. 6. Walking Dino Shows must run on time and to scheduled times, the party organiser must not delay the shows in any way, as the dino team have tight timeframes they must adhere to. 7. You are responsible for the supervision and safety of all party attendees at all times. 8. Our dino size is 2 mtr wide x 2 mtr high x 4 mtr long and you must provide a large enough space for: a. Entry onto your property of at least 2 mtr wide entry. b. Our dinosaur to perform their show safely with the children. Ie. large garages / outdoor area* / or a local hall. c. To avoid damage to your house and property during the show. (Please make sure the area is clear of any obstacles or personal items) 9. IMPORTANT: If performing outdoors, you must provide an alternate covered entertainment area (in the event of bad weather). 10. In the event that heavy rain is forecast, and you don’t have an alternative indoors area, Butterfly Creek reserve the right to cancel the event before 48 hours of the scheduled event. In this case we will refund your money minus a $30 admin fee. 11. By approving these terms & conditions you waiver the right to seek reparation for any damages made by the Dinosaur. 12. Butterfly Creek reserves the right to charge the party host for any damages made to the dinosaur by party attendees. The party host can then take the matter up with the person/s responsible. 13. Butterfly Creek reserves the right to amend these conditions or prices as required from time to time.