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New Mythic Creatures coming to Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek is very excited to announce the upcoming arrival of its newest exhibit Mythic Creatures, which will launch in late December in time for the summer holidays.

Visitors will be able to see the world’s most fantastical legends come to life including Dragons, Unicorns, Serpents, Aliens, Mermaids, the mythical Kraken and many more.

Like Dinosaur Kingdom, many of the creatures will be life-sized & some will even move & make sounds! It’ll be a very magical experience for children and adults as they wander around Butterfly Creek.

Mythic Creatures will be included in the All Attractions pass & is due to open in late December 2018. Follow us on Facebook, or sign up to our newsletter for more exciting updates coming soon.

Some of the creatures that you'll see:

*Images are indicative only, actual creatures may differ.