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Power and Energy Efficiency

In our quest for long-term sustainability, Butterfly Creek leaves no stone unturned.

Our butterfly house requires heating to maintain an environment suitable for our butterflies. We employ a highly efficient gas radiant heat system (the most efficient system available at the time of construction). As heating technology advance we are continuing to explore even more sustainable heating alternatives including the implementation of solar panels.

In addition, through an extensive electrical power audit, consultants identified areas of least efficient utilisation, leading to substantial savings and optimised power consumption.

Butterfly Creek Butterfly House

Water Minimisation: Use of Captured Run-off

Water minimisation is another critical area of focus at Butterfly Creek. Various water meters have been installed around the complex, enabling careful monitoring, and implementation of water-saving initiatives. Furthermore, the facility has installed a number of large stormwater retention tanks to capture roof runoff, providing over 130,000 litres of non-potable water that can be used for animal exhibits, gardens, ponds, and washdowns.

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