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A Thriving Wetland and Wildlife Habitat

Butterfly Creek’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends to the wider area around the park. The development of the site included the formation of a working wetland that efficiently manages our stormwater disposal. Through carefully planned groundwork and revegetation efforts this thriving wetland also serves as a natural habitat for local wildlife. It also helps mitigate flooding and acts to polish water run-off prior to entering nearby Puhinui Creek.

The Butterfly Creek team also led the design and redevelopment of Auckland Airport’s vast stormwater retention ponds, situated adjacent to the park. By creating a further working wetland, implementing earthworks and planting the pond perimeter, Butterfly Creek successfully transformed the area into a wildlife haven, whilst minimising erosion and contamination. The impact of this work was recognised with this project being awarded a special citation from Infrastructure Auckland.

Butterfly Creek Wetland

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