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Meet our Meerkats

Say hello to our inquisitive resident meerkats, each with different characteristics that ­help make up their unique social structure!

The meerkat social structure requires group members to partake in “jobs” each day. One of these jobs is called Sentry where one meerkat will stand at the highest point of their enclosure and act as a lookout for possible threats (overhead birds are one that can set off an alarm call) whilst the others can concentrate on digging and foraging. Because they are such intelligent, meerkats require stimulation in the form of complex enrichment such as buried tubes containing meal worms so they have to work for their treats.

Meerkat tile

Meerkat encounter – get up close

Come along to our free encounter at 2:30 pm each day where you will see our Meerkats getting fed by our keepers – for more information on our Daily Encounters click here. We also offer a special paid private encounter with our meerkats! During this encounter, you will be accompanied by one of our experienced keepers as they guide you around the meerkat enclosure. You’ll have the opportunity to feed the meerkats and even have them climb onto your lap.

Private Meerkat encounter

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$140 per person (includes all day park entry) – receive a discounted rate of $90 per person for 2 people or more on the same booking.
Maximum of 4 people per encounter. Please note, encounters are open for up to 2 groups of people at a time. Enclosed shoes must be worn.
Approx. 30 minutes.
7+, if you’re between 7 & 13 years old you’ll need to have someone 16 years or over (booked & paid) with you on the encounter.
1:30pm every Wednesday to Sunday.
Must be booked at least 1 day in advance. 

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