Staff Member Cafe Butterfly Creek
Staff Member Cafe Butterfly Creek

Fundraising and Sponsorship Applications

Submit your request via the online Application form below, allow up to one week for a reply.

  • Priority is given to education providers that have booked school visits for 2+ consecutive years

We do not provide donations for:

  • Organisations fundraising on behalf of another organisation
  • Private functions requesting gift bags or door prizes
  • Individual requests such as for private events
  • Political, fraternal or social organisations, research or travel grants.

Allocation of tickets is on a case by case basis. If successful, tickets must be collected from Butterfly Creek. To submit a donation request please click on the link below to fill out the form.

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Butterfly Creek is a private organisation and has supported various fundraising events through its donations program. Butterfly Creek is a proud supporter of the following charities:

Starship Hospital
Make A WIsh Foundation
Cancer Society Logo


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 Butterfly Creek is a great place to work with a great team environment and so many areas to work in including administration, operations, animal care, functions, cafe, kitchen, shop and exhibits.

There are no current vacancies at Butterfly Creek.