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Staff Member Cafe Butterfly Creek
Staff Member Cafe Butterfly Creek

Fundraising and Sponsorship Applications

Submit your request via the online Application form below, allow up to one week for a reply.

  • Priority is given to education providers that have booked school visits for 2+ consecutive years

We do not provide donations for:

  • Organisations fundraising on behalf of another organisation
  • Private functions requesting gift bags or door prizes
  • Individual requests such as for private events
  • Political, fraternal or social organisations, research or travel grants.

Allocation of tickets is on a case by case basis. If successful, tickets must be collected from Butterfly Creek. To submit a donation request please click on the link below to fill out the form.

               MAKE AN APPLICATION


Butterfly Creek is a private organisation and has supported various fundraising events through its donations program. Butterfly Creek is a proud supporter of the following charities:

Starship Hospital
Make A WIsh Foundation
Cancer Society Logo


Careers | Fundraising & Sponsorship

Looking for a unique job with Butterfly Creek?

Butterfly Creek is a great place to work with a great team environment and so many areas to work in including administration, operations, animal care, functions, cafe, kitchen, shop and exhibits.

We have no current openings, but please feel free to send your CV through to [email protected], as positions do open up from time to time.

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