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Welcome to Butterfly Creek’s Media Centre

Butterfly Creek is more than a zoo. Located minutes from Auckland’s airport, it is a wondrous combination of a zoo, amusement park, and conservation hub. It was established in 2003 by John Dowsett and his wife, Fiona Turner. They had the vision to create somewhere with a different angle on animals, focusing on interaction, fun, and sustainability. Butterfly Creek has spearheaded several meaningful, privately funded New Zealand conservation initiatives, pioneered the country’s largest tropical butterfly house, and is home to New Zealand’s only saltwater crocodiles. It also provides a truly unique and mystical experience with the country’s largest display of animatronic dinosaurs and mythical creatures exhibition.

There’s always something new happening at Butterfly Creek, so please check back on this page regularly or contact our communications team directly at [email protected] for press opportunities.

Recent News

Butterfly Creek Crocodile Enclosure Makeover
Source: 1News Breakfast

NZ’s largest wētā returns to mainland after near extinction
Source: 1News

Butterfly Creek: Auckland’s unusual combination of zoo, amusement park and conservation hub
Source: Pamela Wade for

New Zealand’s wētā
Source: 1News Breakfast

The Travel Bugs: Butterfly Creek
Source: The Travel Bugs

Butterfly Creek greets kiwi arrivals
Source: Emma Clark for The New Zealand Herald

Media Coverage

What’s in the box? Part 1
Keeper Jess and Draco visit The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble Facebook. 08/05/2023

What’s in the box? Part 2
Keeper Jess takes another visit to The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble Facebook. 15/05/2023

‘See ya later alligator’: Napier’s much-loved alligator Cheryl off to Auckland
“She was so popular.”
The New Zealand Herald. 26/04/2020

Three more ways to entertain the kids
Our writers give their tips for family-friendly fun these school holidays.
The New Zealand Herald. 18/07/2018

New Kiwi enclosure at Butterfly Creek opening soon
Kiwi House Manager Rebecca Moyle talks about the new kiwi enclosure at Butterfly Creek that is opening soon.
The New Zealand Herald. 30/10/2017

Butterflies make exquisite accessories at Butterfly Creek
The New Zealand Herald. 10/12/2015

Auckland: Butterfly Creek the real macaw
Everyone’s in fine feather at Butterfly Creek’s new exotic aviary.
The New Zealand Herald. 13/12/2014

Butterfly Creek an enchanting place for families
The New Zealand Herald. 04/12/2004

Five of the best: Indoor activities for kids
We picked the brains of our parenting pals and came up with five favourite ways to keep your restless whippersnappers happy.
The New Zealand Herald. 05/072015

Dinosaurs come to Butterfly Creek
A terrifying treat awaits visitors to Butterfly Creek. 16/01/2014

Tamarins find a new home
Some of the smallest monkeys in the world have found a new home at Butterfly Creek at Auckland Airport. 20/02/2013

Dinosaur invasion at Butterfly Creek
A terrifying treat awaits visitors to Butterfly Creek. The wildlife park at Auckland airport is about to open its latest attraction 17/01/2014

Huge weta find new pest-free home
They are arguably New Zealand’s ugliest creatures but 25 giant wetapunga were the centre of attention for an adoring crowd. 11/12/2011

Giant weta released on Tiritiri
Twenty-five giant wetapunga were the centre of attention as about 150 people watched them released on pest-free Tiritiri Matangi Island. 15/12/2011

Gators and crawlies join butterflies
GROWING GATOR: Butterfly Creek’s new baby American alligator Princess Fiona gets a glimpse of the butterfly enclosure. 31/01/2009

If the butterflies don’t grab you, maybe the gator will
He’s probably right – he’s at Butterfly Creek, just minutes from Auckland Airport, the home of over 700 exotic butterflies. 13/02/2009

Monster crocs arrive in NZ
After two weeks in quarantine they will be moved to their new home at Butterfly Creek zoo in Manukau. 24/04/2009

Saltwater crocs settle in 10/07/2009

Giant weta’s big day out
Butterfly Creek’s John Dowsett says the wetapunga – a giant weta species found only on Little Barrier Island.

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