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Travel Back In Time

Travel back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Dinosaur Kingdom at Butterfly Creek is a prehistoric themed attraction featuring more than 50 dinosaurs, including huge, life size animatronic dinosaurs.

As you walk among the enormous herbivores and the fierce carnivores, you will meet a Triceratops mother about to protect her young from a T-Rex, beware the vicious Velociraptor and look up to the massive 24m Diplodocus.

This interactive attraction features an amazing display of dinosaurs with life size animatronic dinosaurs that roar and move. Plus there are loads of fantastic dinosaur photo opportunities for the whole family. We guarantee you’ll be amazed!


Learn about our Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Kingdom is a prehistoric playground, full of fun and educational entertainment. Let the kids learn about our dinosaurs in an interactive environment with plenty of fun photo opportunities!


Did you know…

  • There were over 700 species of dinosaurs.
  • The largest discovered dinosaur is the Argentinosaurus, which grew up to 115 feet in length – thats bigger than a blue whale!
  • Dinosaurs lived on earth for around 160 million years, thats around 64 times longer than humans who have lived on earth for 2 million years.
  • The T-rex was considered to be the most ferocious dinosaur with a bite twice as powerful as a lion’s.
  • Dinosaur fossils have been discovered in every continent on Earth including Antartica.
  • Some scientists believe that dinosaurs lived up to 200 years.

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